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Great Lakes TRBOMotorola Connect Plus System

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Anderson Radios Systems offer the latest in quality two-way radio service for people managing mobile assets across a wide area. Today’s two-way radio services offer the latest in technology to better manage your valuable field teams. To improve operations and safety there are a variety of new features you can use.

Operational benefits include:

  • Flat rate fees
    You can budget with certainty on your communication needs.
  • Unlimited air-time
    Talk as long as you need with no per-minute charges.
  • Rugged, durable mobile and portable radios
    Less down time from high quality and sturdy professional radios.
  • Privacy 
    You hear only your own conversations and no one hears yours.
  • Clarity
    Voice quality is excellent with professional systems and radios.
  • Packages
    Combine air-time and radios into simple monthly rates.
  • Customer Support
    Local techs and administrators help with your service and billing needs.

Anderson Radio Inc. has a number of two-way business radio systems available for use. Take a look at the many locations.

Tower Sites

In designing any radio system, a fundamental task is to predict the coverage of a proposed system and to determine whether the intended service objectives will meet the customer’s needs. Anderson Radio uses state of the art programs to evaluate coverage requirements and capabilities to aid in the design of the correct system.

Most projects begin with an on-site survey with GPS co-ordinates and topographical maps. The next step is to determine antenna height and then a tower analysis with the proper choice in RF equipment to meet the customer’s needs and desired coverage area.

Coverage Maps

View our Great Lakes TRBOWide Area Coverage in Bay City

Coverage Maps

Digital Radios

Integrated, efficient, reliable communication is more critical to operational performance than ever before. Businesses and organizations whose workers must be mobile need a communication solution that makes it easy and affordable for them to stay in touch.

Digital Radios

Great Lakes Trbo System Pricing

Unlimited Voice Plan,Voice & Data Plan, Premier TRBO Plan.

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